Keglevich and RDS: 6th Stop – Cefalù

The last stop of Keglevich and RDS Play On Tour is Cefalù, in the heart of the Mediterranean sea. On August 18th and 19th we will party and say goodbye together to this beautiful and pure summer. During the day you’ll  find us at Lungomare Guardina and when night falls we’ll  throw our last party at Maljk Beach and dance  while drinking the best cocktails with the purest vodka.
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Keglevich and RDS: 5th Stop – Vieste

If you come dance in Puglia we’re ready to get you moving.

The purest form of fun is on tour, next stop: Vieste.
Keglevich and RDS Play On Tour will bring music and the purest vodka to town on August 11th and 12th at Lungomare Europa Beach, near Lidi Bussola and Castalda.

Vodka&fun will be the main ingredients also at night for our #PureParty at the Mistral in Vieste.

Don’t miss the purest tour of this summer!

Keglevich and RDS: 4th Stop – Porto San Giorgio

It’s time to discover the pearl of the Adriatic: Keglevich’s Pure Attraction is coming to Porto San Giorgio with RDS Play On Tour. A cocktail mix of fun, music and the purest vodka is waiting for you on July 4th and 5th, at the free beach near the Municipio.
And on Saturday night don’t miss our #PureParty at Le Gall Bambù of Porto San Giorgio… we’ll pour seduction on the dance floor and in our cocktails.
Join the purest tour of summer!

Keglevich and RDS: 3rd Stop – Camaiore

Keglevich and RDS take the summer tour to Lido di Camaiore, on July 28th and 29th.
Two days of pure fun and pure vodka: RDS Play On Tour will wait for you on the beach and on the dance floor with music, entertainment and good cocktails.

You will find us at Eugenia Beach in Viale Europa, while at night we’ll shake things up with pure attraction’s rhythm at the Tucano club. Be ready to enjoy this summer’s most attractive weekend.

Keglevich and RDS: 2nd – stop – Bibione

The second stop of the hottest summer tour is in Bibione, with Keglevich and RDS.

RDS Play On Tour will be in town on July 21st and 22nd and Keglevich will bring many entertaining moments, to  the beach and at the club.

You will find us at the beach next to Piazzale Zenith until sunset, then the night will take us to Kocò Music Club to have  the purest party ever. Music, entertainment and the right cocktail are waiting for you.

Keglevich and RDS: 1st stop – Cattolica

The most attractive tour of the summer is ready: Keglevich and RDS Play On Tour.

The first stop is Cattolica, on July 14th and 15th: a whole weekend of pureness and attraction on the beach and the dance floor. During the day we will bring fun and music to  the beach near Piazza Tramonto, then at night the party will go on at the  Malindi Beach Cafè from 11 pm.

Keglevich and the purest summer ever are waiting for you.

Keglevich is waiting for you at the RDS Play On Tour

Get ready for the hottest summer ever.

This year what set our beaches on fire is Keglevich “Pure Attraction.

We’ll travel across Italy with the RDS Play On Tour to bring music and attractions  everywhere: 6 weekends with lots of  entertaining moments, in the city and at the beach, with an exclusive stand inside the Village.

We start  on July 14th-15th from Cattolica, then the party continues in Bibione, Lido di Camaiore, Porto San Giorgio, Vieste and Cefalù.

The right cocktail to drink while listening to the right music, the best dj sets and much more for an unforgettable summer.

And even after sunset the night shines on with our Saturday night Pure Party.

A moment you don’t want to miss thanks to RDS dj sets and the best-loved cocktails of this summer for experiencing  all the colors of the night. Follow Keglevich this summer and discover the purest form of fun.

6 distillations, premium quality.

Since 1882 we’ve proudly used selected and all-natural ingredients to produce our vodka. Through the years we achieved the goal of a high quality vodka production by putting our efforts and resources into research and development of ingredients and production.

Thanks to this grand team work we created our new recipe: a selection of pure grain, pure Pilsen water, 6 distillations (twice as many as before) and one filtration.

This unique procedure let us reach purity and quality as never before.
Fruit-flavored Keglevich production only involves real fruit with no colorants or artificial flavouring.

The renewed quality of Keglevich is reflected by the new pack: its iconic bottle has been redesigned with a more modern and catchy look.
Now all you have to do is try our intense purity and intense and unique flavour, then choose your taste.

Keglevich on air with a new commercial

Pure attraction is on air. Keglevich is back on TV and social media with a new commercial focused on the purest form of attraction.

Our commercial tells the story of how vodka meets fruit: character s floating in a fluid, heavenly world. A magnetic attraction spreads from the vodka to the peach, the strawberry and the green apple creating a magical and seductive union. In this dream-like way we want to communicate an important improvement of our vodka, which today is even purer thanks to 6 distillations, twice as many as before, and thanks to our all-natural ingredients.